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Return policy 


1. Within 14 days after receiving an order for goods can be returned or exchanged in size, provided that the goods have not been used and maintained in the form in which it was purchased. 


2. If a product does not meet the quality specified in its description of a manufacturing deficiency, the buyer can exchange it for a similar product of suitable quality. 


3. If the goods are damaged by inappropriate care (temperature, mode of washing, drying and ironing of the product - the information specified in the product description) manufacturer is not responsible for reducing the quality of the product and may refuse to return or replace it for the same corresponding quality. 


4. The return or replacement of the product made ​​within 7 days, subject to availability of appropriate products in stock. 


5. If at the time of the exchange of similar goods not included in the sale, the buyer has the right to acquire or any other products from the available range of the corresponding transfer value or a refund in full, provided the proper condition of the goods exchanged.